Shirley Hook-Pattison
Independent Financial Planner
Your Future - Our Business

The importance of planning effectively for retirement is one of the areas of financial advice that Shirley Hook-Pattison feels most passionately about.

The strong possibility of having a long retirement is one that should be considered very carefully, especially with the recent changes to pension legislation, in order to ensure you have the security to guarantee that these really are the golden years.

Retirement Planning & Pensions

Drawing your pension can be extremely complicated.  Shirley’s knowledge and experience in advising on retirement planning provides you with assistance in a variety of areas including:

• Corporate and personal pension advice

• Group schemes

• Self invested personal pensions (SIPPs)

• Income drawdown – with or without income guarantees

• Phased retirement

• Annuities and enhanced annuities

• Fixed term annuities

Family Protection
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