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Shirley can offer a variety of family protection services including
Life Assurance
Critical Illness Cover
Income Protection

Family Protection, Critical Illness & Life Assurance

Life Assurance

Knowing that you can still protect your loved ones after you have gone is extremely comforting.

Shirley Hook-Pattison will advise you on the type of policy and level of cover that you need in order to ensure your family has complete financial security, should the need arise.

Shirley’s comprehensive and flexible approach enables her to design a policy that offers you the highest level of protection, covering areas such as:

• Whole of life, with guaranteed or reviewable premiums

• Term assurance - this can be either level or decreasing to cover a mortgage, with guaranteed or reviewable premiums

• Single or joint policies

• Family income benefit, allowing your dependants to receive benefits monthly rather than as a lump sum

Critical illness

The added stress of financial hardship is not something that you want to face in the event that you become ill.

Critical illness is usually written with life assurance, but it can be written separately, if you prefer.

Income protection

In the event that you are unable to work, Shirley firmly believes the peace of mind that comes with knowing your income is protected is something everyone should have.

She offers advice that not only provides this peace of mind, but can also have added benefits for you and your family.

Shirley provides advice to:

• Cover long-term sickness for up to 60% of income

• Self-employed or employed clients

• Include an investment element, so that money is left at the end regardless of whether a claim has been made

• Include deferral periods – next day cover, 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 13 weeks, 26 weeks, 52 weeks, 104 weeks

• Ensure payments up to retirement age

• Cover accident, sickness and unemployment, with payments for up to two years: this can be used in conjunction with income protection

• Cover unemployment only – this normally pays for up to 12 months

Family Protection
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