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Shirley conducts a Risk Appetite Evaluation Questionnaire for each client to provoke discussion about how much risk their investments should be exposed to.

Historically, advisers used to simply ask clients "on a scale of 1 to 5 what is your attitude towards risk?" with the inevitable response of 2 or 3. This is obviously not a satisfactory basis on which to commence investment decisions.

Risk Profiling

Unlike the days of the week, a person's acceptance of risk is uncertain and difficult to measure but is fundamental in the whole process of investing money. The more risk a person is prepared to take the greater the potential rewards and losses. Likewise, low risk brings the probability of low returns while limiting the potential downside.

  • The answers to the questionnaire that Shirley uses will provide a comprehensive report and will also identify any areas of conflict in your answers to allow a better understanding of the investment process. The report will then be overlaid against the proposed term for the investment to provide a suggested portfolio of assets. This opens new important considerations.
    Regular reviews are important to: 
  • Check that your attitude to risk has not changed
  • Check that your term for investment has not changed (which it probably has!)   
  • Check that the funds/assets selected still meet your investment criteria and  goals        
  • Check that the percentages held within each of the funds have not got out of balance                                    

Therefore a regular programme of reviews is needed.    
Every year you are more than likely to have your car serviced and MOT'd- your investments and pensions are no less valuable and deserve similar treatment. Shirley will discuss this with you.

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