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Choices - Where would be without choices?
Apr 21, 2014

Where would we be without choices?

We make them all day long - what to wear, what to have for breakfast, where to go on holiday, strawberry or vanilla ice cream - the list goes on and on.

When you go to the shoe shop for example, you expect the shoes to be in different styles in a variety of colours, particularly if you are female! Not just black or brown either. You want to see beautiful colours that suit you and your personality.

Surprisingly not everyone is as fussy with their finances as they are with their shoes or their holiday. Quite possibly they do not understand the variety of choice that is available. For instance, gone are the days when the mortgage lender insisted you took out life cover when you took out your mortgage. Of course, it may be extremely prudent to have life cover and critical illness cover as well, but where do you start looking? Do you ask the person who made you the mortgage offer (quite often a bank or a building society), and do you accept whatever it is that they recommend?

Are you aware that they may only be able to offer their own products or those from a limited panel of insurance companies? Might you be paying more than you need to for cover that isn't quite right for you, or the best you could have chosen?

Did you know that I can provide the exact cover for your personal needs at the most cost effective price? You might be surprised to discover how varied the premiums are from the different insurance companies. That's the joy of choice. You get exactly what you want. I can search the whole of the market and come up with a solution that's tailor made for you.

It's exactly the same with everything else I do - be that a pension, a savings plan or a portfolio of investments, I choose the funds that are best for you and your circumstances.  So, please don't be shoehorned into something that doesn't quite fit you.

Get in touch with me today and open the conversation that will bring you peace of mind, whatever your financial needs.  I'd be delighted to hear from you - or contact me directly here: 01869 247995 | 07736 105865 or via email

Must go now and choose what I would like for breakfast, and then what I'm going to wear today.......I love the freedom of choice.

Until next time…



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