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An Investment case study
Mar 11, 2014

Is your money in safe hands and working for you?

Continuing from last week’s blog about investments, I thought I would share a recent investment case study.

"We were introduced to Shirley Hook-Pattison in November 2002.  We had been retired for a number of years and at that time we had £89,000 in a building society and a with-profits bond valued at £128,600.  We had to take £1,000 out of the building society every month to help with living expenses and we were withdrawing £1,000 per year from our bond.

We are both very cautious people and were anxious about investing in stocks and shares.  However, Shirley listened to us carefully and understood our needs.  She also explained that we couldn’t take £1,000 out of the building society for ever as we would eventually run out of money.

Over a period of time she has re-invested our money in order to provide us with a more than sufficient income.  We still have our capital and get roughly £10,000 per annum in income.  We don’t have to worry about unexpected bills any more.

Nothing is too much trouble for Shirley and she has made our lives very comfortable.  We would recommend her to anyone who is looking for help in managing their money.  She comes to see us at home every year and is always available on the phone."

Mr and Mrs W of Witney

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