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What a difference it can make to your life and critical illness cover.
Mar 3, 2014

The importance of impartial financial advice

It’s been a dreary start to 2014 and my holiday in Egypt seems ages ago now.   January, historically, is a quiet month for me, but this year was different.  I don’t know whether people took stock of their finances over Christmas, but I certainly had a lot of enquiries.
Investments and Pensions BicesterMy main work is with investments and pensions, although I do offer advice on all financial matters.  Again, unusually, I am working on two or three cases where the clients need critical illness cover.  This has hit home to me once again how important it is to offer truly impartial, whole of market advice.

I am working with a gentleman who has neuropathy.   One underwriter had a complete melt down when I spoke with him as to whether or not the he would increase the premium and if so by how much. He then went on to imply it would be very expensive to insure my client, indeed if that were possible.  Undeterred, I spoke to an underwriter at a different organisation, who told me that it was likely there would be a small increase in the premium, but the insurance should be no problem at all.  Had my client looked on the internet and seen the first insurance company as the cheapest provider, potentially, he could have been paying a lot more for his cover than he needed to.

As an aside, if you took out life cover or critical illness a few years ago, particularly if it was from your bank or building society when you took out your mortgage, you may be paying more than you need to.

Why not check it out with me?  You can contact me directly on my website here or contact me directly here: 01869 247995 | 07736 105865 or via email


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