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Income protection - Is there any point?
Jul 15, 2014

I think we all wonder about the value of insurance.  Is it worth it or not?  The cynics say not, because it won’t ever happen to them.  I was feeling a bit that way about the extended warranty and recovery service that I have on my car, wondering if perhaps it was expensive.   

That was until I had a problem one morning.  The car’s computer advised me that I had lost power and needed to continue carefully and get to a dealership asap.  I decided it would be better to park in the first lay-by that I came to and ring the dealership from there.

I was asked if I had recovery on the car.  When I confirmed that I had, I was told not to drive the car and to contact recovery and ask to be taken to the dealership.  This I did.  Recoveries were very helpful and were with me in just over the hour, delivering me and Mollie (my car) to North Oxford Garage.  In the meantime Enterprise Rent-a-Car had been in touch with me asking if I would like a courtesy car.  Within about half an hour of my arrival at North Oxford Garage, Enterprise collected me and took me to their Botley Office where they sorted out the paperwork for the car and dispatched me on my way.  I am now experiencing the delights of a new Toyota Rav4, that had only 15 miles on the clock when I collected it.

I’m glad I didn’t cancel that insurance policy!  Had I done, I would have been making any number of phone calls to get someone to come and recover Mollie, and it would doubtlessly have been very expensive.

Therefore I do urge you to think carefully about insurance.  Income protection, which will pay you should you be long-term sick, may at first sight appear to be a luxury, but it certainly isn’t.  It is particularly relevant to single parents, who are perhaps self-employed and have children.  How do they cope if no money is coming in?  How do they pay their bills and their mortgage?  Unless they have substantial savings, I would suggest that they can’t.  Please don’t be one of those people in that unfortunate position, contact me today and let me talk you through what type of protection could be relevant for you and your family’s needs.

You can contact me directly on my website here  or contact me directly here: 01869 247995 | 07736 105865 or via email

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