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The Budget - and what you need to know… part three
Jun 10, 2014

Changes coming from July 2014 and what it means to you.

Following the recent budget announcement in March, we have summarised some of the changes and what they mean to you.  Part three of a three part series. 

ISA changes to NISA and increases to £15,000 which can be either cash or stocks and shares. Switches from stocks and shares to cash NISAs will be allowed

What this means: The amount that can be invested in a cash or Stocks and Share ISA ( now renamed NISA) will increase to £15,000

And for the first time switched will be allowed from Stocks and Shares NISAs to Cash NISAs

Commentary: Good news for savers as NISAs and their predecessors ISAs grow in a most tax efficient environment. Cash NISAs are free from savings tax and Stocks and Shares NISAs are income tax exempt but subject to tax on dividends. Switches will be allowed both ways between cash and stocks and shares NISAs

Generally: we welcome the increased limits and the additional flexibility


The announcements made in the Budget have been the most ground breaking for years.  The implications, although not completely clear, will add flexibility and freedom of choice to those who have saved throughout their lives for their retirement.

Our advice at this stage is one of caution and suggest that careful, professional advice be sought so as not to fall foul of any hidden charges/tax implications.

I hope you enjoyed this three part budget series.

You can contact me directly on my website here  or contact me directly here: 01869 247995 | 07736 105865 or via email

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