Shirley Hook-Pattison
Independent Financial Planner
Your Future - Our Business
"When I first approached Shirley to help with my finances I had never used a financial advisor before and I had very little protection or planning for the future.

I now would refer to Shirley every time."

Case Study - Protection

"Shirley pointed out the levels of protection available and what would be recommended as a bare minimum to support my family in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Being a sole trader at the time and also contributing highly to my mortgage, it was important to have some level of security if I was unable to work at some point. However, I also didn't have a huge amount of spare income to put towards some protection. Shirley understood my level of risk (not very high) and income available and worked out an appropriate proposal. I now have in place a suitable plan for life assurance, income protection and also a small savings plan.

Shirley was efficient, clear and helpful in her undertakings, explaining the options available to me and ensuring I understood the details. I was confident that Shirley has my best interests at heart and am happy to continue to use her services and recommend her to others."
Mrs JB of Buckingham



Family Protection
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