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"Following a financial review with Shirley Hook-Pattison I highlighted a concern regarding my deferred Occupational Pension.


Not being in the best of health I made enquires to the Pensions Manager of the Occupational Pension Scheme, as to what benefits my grown up daughter would be eligible for should I die. I am divorced and she is named as the sole beneficiary of my will. I was concerned to find out under the rules of the scheme my daughter would only receive the contributions I had paid into the scheme and  not receive a lump sum as I had expected.

Shirley advised that I may wish to consider transferring the value of the Occupational Pension to a Personal Pension Plan which offered guarantees.  Two options were considered and a recommendation made to meet my needs.  This option ensured that my daughter would receive the full transfer value should I die.  The Personal Pension Plan also provided for me to take the pension in small segments, ensuring that I am able to pass as much benefit to my daughter should I die before taking benefits.

Shirley listened to my concerns and recommended a financial product, which has left me with peace of mind.  Having received Independent Financial Advice from her in the past,  I had complete confidence in her professionalism, knowledge and trust.  So much so that I have recommended her to close friends."
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